How I Started

My mother told me: “It would be nice to see your face instead of the camera sometime”

Ever since I can remember I have loved photography and taking photos. My mother gave me a film disposable camera when I was around 5 or 6 and I haven’t stopped taking photos since.

I have ever since I could remember loved looking at the beauty all around us and wanting to preserve it. After a few failed attempts at preserving the flowers I had picked I tried drawing. Not well but it worked for a little while. I then wanted it to be more realistic and what better way than to actually take a photo of the object? Once digital cameras where popular I used my mothers to take photos of everything and anything. I have so many photos of our road trips and my old dog. I highly enjoyed looking at any type of art and trying to identify the light source, and how to recreate that particular painting or photo for myself.

When I was 13 my grandmother gave me a Nikon D200 and my photography slowly took off into something larger. I found that I had a knack for looking at light and learning the settings. I then took several courses through the University of North Georgia for photography and editing software. While in the classes I honed my skills and used another camera I had (Canon EOS 5D) to learn every skill I could while in those classes.

When I graduated from that program with my certificate in Professional Photography I really started working on my business and my people photography.

Recently I have gone to Lanier Technical College to and gotten several certificates there in the graphic design area. I hope to soon show you some of the wonderful things I have made!


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