How I Started

My mother told me: “It would be nice to see your face instead of the camera sometime” Ever since I can remember I have loved photography and taking photos. My mother gave me a film disposable¬†camera when I was around 5 or 6 and I haven’t stopped taking photos since. I have ever since I could remember loved looking at the beauty all around us … Continue reading How I Started

Recent Events Alert

Good Morning!! I have some exciting news!! I went to Warbington Farms this Saturday and got several photo shoots!! I have a maternity shoot, several family portrait sessions, a corporate head shoot, newborn photos and a wedding for next year!! I am also continuing my photography classes at UNG I will have my professional photographers certificate by June!!! The assignments are challenging but super fun. … Continue reading Recent Events Alert

Recent Stuff

Happy Monday!!! Just an update of what I am doing lately. I have recently done a photography class and the assignments are super fun!! I am doing a Fall Expo to share my photographs with the community. I have also scheduled two weddings for next year!! ¬†I am so excited!! Hopefully I will post more soon! Goodbye for now, Ella Kerrisk Contact me at: … Continue reading Recent Stuff

What I have been up to lately

The last two weeks have been crazy busy! I went tubing, volunteered helping with therapy on horseback for special needs children, worked with 4-h at a day camp teaching about the solar system. I spent an afternoon at a nursing home playing games with the residents, photographed and edited a newborn photo session and did the first session of back to school photos of the … Continue reading What I have been up to lately